New hosting – please update your bookmarks.

Hi there. I know there are some people that are reading this blog because I’ve had almost 1200 hits since I started it which is GREAT. I’d love for it to be 100,000 but you know, gotta start somewhere and there’s nothing wrong with starting small. The thing is, I have already outgrown the WordPress theme and some of the restraints of running a blog on another domain started to bug me a little.

So, I decided to move Digital Otaku over to my domain, Digital Otaku 🙂 My new catalogue of reviews, articles etc now lives here:


I hope you like the new design and template. It will be changing as I get more time to spend on the aesthetics but I like it better than my old look and it will do nicely for now. My old website will stay online but I won’t be updating it any longer. All of my reviews and pieces will now be featured on the new Digital Otaku blog.

If you’re interested in my rantings and ramblings and random musings about the trials and tribulations of a (sometimes) geeky writer, it’s here:


I have already added all of my old links to the new blog and if you think you should be on my blogroll, please let me know and I’ll think about adding you!

Thanks to everyone who has read my reviews and has appreciated my writing.

Xen (one half of Digital Otaku)


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